Fresh Air Intake Systems

Enhance the performance of your air conveyance system with the efficient, economical AES Fresh Air Intake System. Traditional air conveying systems rob your plant of conditioned air, increasing your heating and cooling costs. Additionally, this can create a negative pressure effect inside the building, making doors difficult to open.

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Our Fresh Air Intake System uses OUTSIDE air to convey scrap and trim, so there is NO loss of conditioned air. The result is a balanced air environment that is more comfortable for employees and since there’s no loss of conditioned air, it is more economical to operate.  Fresh Air Intake Systems can also eliminate the need for a dust collector, along with the associated expenses of air quality permits and fire and explosion suppression systems.

AES Fresh Air Intake Systems offer a host of money saving benefits:

  • Economical to buy and to operate
  • Reduces heating and cooling bills
  • Versatile and adaptable: works with die cutters, finishing lines and shredders
  • Eliminates negative pressure problems in the plant and the need for air exchangers
  • Eliminates the need for dust collectors, air quality permits and fire/explosion suppression systems

Additional savings may be available from your utility company through Energy Conservation Measures programs (ECM’s). Check with your supplier for availability.

Could your plant benefit from a Fresh Air Intake System? Contact AES today for a no obligation consultation.